Raw Milk

Information about the milk produced by Mandolin Creek Dairy

Mandolin Creek Dairy produces raw milk from its herd of dairy goats.

Not For Human Consumption

We strive to deliver the highest possible quality assurances in order to produce only the purest and safest milk that can be obtained from any dairy.

Despite those outstanding assurances, we have decided that we cannot sell our milk for human consumption. There are insurmountable legal and insurance liabilities associated with such sales, so we require customers to sign an agreement that releases us from any such liabilities.

Bottled by Name 

Each jar contains the unprocessed milk from a single doe, labeled with the goat's name along with the date and time of milking. You can take the milk from any doe, but you may find that you have a favorite.

How to Buy

If you would like to be put on our waiting list, please contact us and request a tour of the farm. If you eat meat, ask about our chevon, lamb, and pork shares too.